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There is no welcome without a smile


Zamboni Colli BericiA gentle smile never lacks in the dining room. Lucia and Oreste pay attention to their guests and each gesture shows their love and passion for the family restaurant. The rooms are warm and well-lighted, each table is neat and elegant. It is a perfect place not only for a romantic dinner, but also for groups. Reservations from 30 to 60 persons are accepted. There is a spacious room with panoramic vista at disposition for special occasions, weddings, anniversaries or feasts.


Zamboni Colli Berici

Indeed, the panorama of the Colli Berici and the Prealpi Venete is enjoyable from every room of the restaurant. To sit down to enjoy a tasteful meal is a good experience, but tasting a delicious meal while looking at the enchanting panorama is even a better experience, without added costs.


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