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Trattoria Zamboni famiglia1969 is the date that marks the beginning of the Zamboni Family history. This is when the siblings Margherita, Alfredo, Giorgio and Gaetano transformed the space of a former rectory school into an inn. It was an old-fashioned inn, the kind with playing cards on the tables and long chats at the bar. Then, following the rhythms of the time, things began to change. The kitchen was enlarged and the receptions for most important weddings in the village were held there. But above all the first children arrived on the scene. Among these were Miresa, Lucia e Severino, Margherita’s children. 

Famiglia Zamboni tradizioneThe key figure in the history of the restaurant, Severino traces a slender line between tradition and innovation. His is a passion that matured slowly, like the cooking of old-fashioned dishes. Severino surprises with combinations of novel family ingredients. His has been a gradual and continual evolution similar to the changes in the restaurant. The recipes are successful with perfectly mixed ingredients. In the Kitchen, Giuseppe, Susi e Giorgio describe the territory using the products that feature it, from season to season, while Lucia and Oreste welcome guests in the dining room. In the meantime, the son of Severino, the young Jacopo is still study to continue the family tradition.

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