The Berici Hills


Colli Berici VistaSweet and sinuous are the Berici Hills which extend between Vicenza and Padua. A happy green island, crossed by feather-grass plants and rows of mulberry trees, and framed to the north by the mountains. A still little-known corner of paradise that believes in the authentic poetry that comes from the land. The richness of the Berici Hills is seen the various experiences that are offered to attract visitors. Here one can discover innumerable paths immersed in the greenery.

These are the places that formed Andrea Palladio, that creative architectural genius. These are the places where he found the equilibrium and harmony between his works and nature. A visit to his villas is like entering an open air museum. The numerous caves and grottos that have been formed thanks to the chalky nature of the local rocks and that testify to human settlement are sights that should not be missed. For a different kind of walk there is also a path around Lake Fimon or one can stroll along the roads where the Tai Rosso vineyards can be found, the local grape variety, true expression of the territory and tied to the French Grenache and the Spanish Guarnacha. 

The Berici Hills reveal the culture of the Vicentine cuisine: the fine and light-smelling Scorzone
trufles or the tasteful local freshwater prawns. Here one can still uncover the living flavour of tradition. A cuisine composed of simple dishes from a peasant tradition, that follow the flow of the seasons and the products that are harvested in the fields and forests.

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